Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gamers vs The State of California

I just read about the California law about limiting (or banning) the sale of video games due to its content. So, does this means kids will have a better childhood without video games? Are they gonna behave in a better way? Do California regulators really think parents will have better kids without video games?

I guess the real question is: Are kids gonna be happy with this? Simple answer: No. So, maybe the parents should be asked the same question: Are you California parents, happier that video games are banned from your state? Just remember that the game won't be available for you or your children... So I guess the answer is no. Then, my final question: Who's gonna be happy about this law? Oh yeah, parents that do not have time for their children nor to play video games.

My take: Instead of banning video games, the State of California should invest their time and money ensuring parents are more aware about Parental Controls in consoles and PCs, as well as what the ESRB means. Teach parents the tools they have at their disposal to control what their children play.

That is, in my opinion, money well invested.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Awesome video!

I've been quite busy since I started working at Longtail so I did not have time to write anything here. After animation 8 hours straight (or more), I arrive home with the sole purpose of relaxing, maybe play a video game or just watching some TV. Either way, I felt that I left this blog unattended, which is not good.

I just installed the ScribeFire plug-in in my Firefox browser, so I guess it will be easier to write more often. And what a better way to start posting again than to share an awesome short film of the also awesome animation school Gobelins.

This film was so amazing is so many different ways: colors, animation, camera shots... It's just too awesome to not share it!

Le Royaume

Anyways, enjoy!