Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Milt Kahl Mowgli Pencil Test

It's amazing the fluidity of this animation, even though it'S a pencil test. The acting choices are also truly remarkable.

Found via Splinebomb

PS4 Demo - The Dark Sorcerer

There are a couple of things worth noticing in this demo other than the level of detail of the graphics. First, I think the whole story is really cool. I liked a lot how it starts like a generic demo but then suddenly shifts towards a more comedic story.

Secondly are the performances of the actors. Sure, it's motion capture, but the nuances and the detail on the performance is incredible, especially the troll goblin.

Third is the staging of the plot, everything from the choice in costumes to the set itself. The cellphone is the ebst example of how thought this demo was.

Enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Links for your amusement...

Last week I gathered some links that I find interesting, but forgot to publish them. Whenever I have enough of them, I'll push them through!

Anyways, enjoy them!

(Great interview on the workflow and pipeline at Naughty Dog)

(Excellent reference for modelers, riggers and animators about skinning and deformations)

(How to create a car steering rig. Always useful to have)

(So many things involved in the production of a feature film)

New girl in town

Great animation!!

New Girl in Town from joon shik song on Vimeo.

Found via Splinebomb

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The BoxTrolls - Theatrical Teaser (HD)

Stop motion has something special that always takes my attention. Plus, the story looks interesting and funny.