Monday, April 28, 2014

Little Avengers

Really nice design!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

SuperRune - Super Simple Rig

I was looking for a auto-rig script for 3ds max and I found this great script called Super Simple Rig, from SuperRune.

The Pros are that is that the script is really solid and well done, and the rig includes eyes and jaw by default (though you can remove them from your setup if you don't need them). With a click of a button you can create a rig and deleted if you don't like it. It uses locators to setup the bones and the PEN attribute holder script is present in all the controllers, which is a nice way to create pose libraries. And it's free.

On the Cons side, the fingers are a bit hard to setup, since the script does not take into consideration the rotations of the locators (so the orientation axis of the controllers is calculated by the position of all the related locators). In addition, the setup options for the spine are different from what I have seen so far, and there is no option for IK/FK spine control (there is one but the IK and FK are active at the same time).

There are not a whole lot of rigging scripts out there for 3ds max (not really needed since there is CAT and Puppetshop), but if you're looking for some additional customization, give it a try. You won't be disappointed.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Three Point Landing

It's become a norm now that all superheroes land the same way. Maybe they go to the same superhero school?

The Goose

This is just INSANE!!!

The Goose from Arctq17 on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Links, enlaces et liens
Great sprite animation for game Crawl. It's amazing how much pixel artists can do with so little...
Not sure if I have already shared this link, but it's really good for practice not only figure drawing, but animals and facial expressions too.
Live demonstration of the Presto software used in Pixar.
Interview to Pierre Perifel, Dreamworks animator. Really good and insightful stuff. He did the animation test below, which I think is crazy good! Be sure to check out his blog...

goal! from pierre perifel on Vimeo.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Video Player for animators - KeyframeMP

Looks like a great tool! The best is that it was designed for animators, which makes it even cooler...

Keyframe MP Overview from Chris Zurbrigg on Vimeo.

Link to buy and download:

Frozen Progression Reel - Daniel Peixe

Great progression reel, from storyboard to final render.

ShotProgressionSven from Daniel Peixe on Vimeo.

Found via SplineBomb

Ted Ty Masterclass - PIXEL Animation 2014

I just came from Ted Ty's masterclass on Animation Performance at the PIXEL Animation in Quebec City.

I have to say that Ted Ty is a HELL of a speaker. He gives his lecture in such a passionate way that it's inspiring just to hear him talk. There is no doubt that he loves animation and that he wants you to love it as much as he does.

During his class, Ted analyzed some movie clips and explained some details that might be obvious, but make A LOT of sense when viewed with a different approach. Why the actor is doing a smirk? Why is he lifting a brow? What is the character thinking? All those questions are answered during his lecture. And from time to time, he gives some golden nuggets of information that are priceless, and those alone would make the price of the ticket totally worthy.

In addition to what Ted showed, Jalil Sadool and Pierre Perifel joined the second part of the class and they added some relevant comments on the subjects Ted was doing. That is what I call a BONUS feature...

If you have a chance to listen to any of Ted lectures, go. The amount of information you will get will surprise you. And you won't be the same animator after one of Ted classes, I can guarantee you that.