Thursday, November 12, 2009

New website almost ready!

OK, so with great emotion I have to announce the creation of my official website:

The site is almost functional, the only thing missing is my demo reel, which I should be finishing soon. The rest is pretty much done. There are some changes I want to add, like for example, the biped laying in the first page does not change. I'd like it to change to a different pose depending on the page you're watching. Also, the name pages are not good, since they do not have a real name (go to the "Resume" section and check your URL bar to see what I'm talking about). That's because I used the website builder from my hosting provider, which is not that good.

Anyways, the site is running, so if you have any question or comment or idea on how to change it (for the better ;)) then drop a comment!



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