Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 FTW!

I've been out of the Blogger space for pretty much the whole year. I've been very busy at work, at home, but specially with my PS3. Tons of games, not a lot of time.

Anyways, I've been quiet all this year not because I don't have anything to "talk" about, but rather because I couldn't find some time to sit down and write about some random things people love to read online. But right now there is no excuse. I'm on vacations now, so I decided to drop some lines about what happened to me during this 2011 that is about to end.

GOOD Things:
- On January, I found a job! WOOHOO! I started as a 3D animator at Frima Studios, a not-so-small independent video game company located here, in the beautiful Quebec City.
- Once I had a more "stable" job (I don't really think anyone has a stable job nowadays...), my wife and I decided to settle permanently in Quebec. Wonderful city (except for the snow, the wind, and the cold... but wonderful non the less) and a great place to raise a child (or children, we haven't decided yet).
- Worked for several demos and proofs-of-concepts until I landed in the Skylanders: Online game, which you can try here. Great game for kids, I really recommend it.
- After that project, my old bosses at Ubisoft Quebec decided it was time for me to come back. So, I'm back! I was re-hired by Ubisoft during December, which is super cool since the project I'm working on is super cool too!

The BAD:
- I couldn't finish a new version of my demo reel, which sucks! That was one of my objectives this 2011, but I've been very busy at home and at work. Most of the time I leave work without any inspiration to keep working at home.
- That's about it.

So, putting everything in the balance, I can say with confidence that this agonizing 2011 was a really good year!

New objectives for this 2012:
- New Demo REEL! New Demo REEL! New Demo REEL! New Demo REEL! New Demo REEL! New Demo REEL! New Demo REEL!
- No, seriously, I have to finish a new version of my demo reel. I've come up with some cool ideas so hopefully I'll have more time to execute them.
- Learn as much as I can from the peers around me. Now that I'm at Ubi, I'll be learning a lot more since the pool talent is much more diverse.

Finally, I want to wish everyone out there the best wishes for the 2012, and that love, peace and health will always be with you!

Happy New 2012!

P.S.- I've just realized that this is my first post for 2011!! LOL!

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