Tuesday, July 22, 2014

League of Legends - A New Dawn Cinematic trailer

This is a really cool cinematic. A lot of details have been put in there, especially when the character with the gun switches his cigar from one side to the other.

Check also the Behind the scenes. The part where they make the sounds is priceless.

 Source: Polygon


Mauricio said...

Blur work is so amazing! I love it.

Hey Ricardo, I just read your review about 3ds Max and Maya animation comparison.

I'm learning 3ds Max because of FX work, but I have an intention of doing animation for my own, something similar to Morris Less More.

From what I read you said, I would be capable of doing that in 3ds Max just as I would in Maya. But and what about muscles? Is 3ds Max muscle system usable?

Thanks buddy.

Ricardo Ayasta said...

Hello Mauricio,

Unfortunately, I have no experience with any muscle system, so I can<t help you with that. I have heard some VFX people say that FX are better in Maya than 3dsmax though, but again some people are biased :P

Best way is to do a quick test on both of them and see for yourself which one suits your needs best.

Cheers and good luck!