Saturday, July 12, 2014

Links, enlaces et liens

After a long absence from the internets (due to the World Cup and overtime), I compiled a long list of links for you guys. Some of them are a couple of weeks old, but good nonetheless.

Seriously, if this is his first animation, there is a huge amount of talent in one person.
A look at the new software used at Dreamworks
New tool from Paul Neale.
Hell of a critique!
Crazy good demo reel!
Three new rigs from Advanced Skeleton! Get the tool now!
New animation software in the making.
Mocap database, good for reference and for motion editing practice.
This is a very interesting point of view about the current state of creativity in animation. I kind of agree with most of what John says, in the way that these days, all animation looks pretty much the same. But anyways, that would be a subject for another post.

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